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The Group

The name of the group from Saint Patrick's College is "The Sovereigns". We developed this name because it is associated with our celebration,the Gympie Gold Rush. There are 7 members in our group.Below is a list of the persons involved and their roles in the production of our Website.

Name : Carl Borchert                       Role : Research and page design

Name : Damien Daunt                     Role : Researcher and writing up of "History of gold in Gympie"

Name : Shannon Garrahy                 Role : Technical advisor

Name : David Horswood                 Role : Technical advisor

Name : Michael Kearney                 Role : Writing of Webpage and scanning pictures

Name : Jo Neilson                            Role : Research on present-day gold mining in Gympie

Name : Nyssa Stolberg                    Role : Major researcher and writing - Celebrations page

Name : Danny Winnett                     Role : About This page

Name : Clare Banks                        Role : Team advisor


The Ideas

In History class, we decided it would be a good idea to enter The Australian Schools Web Challenge, the theme being the celebration of gold being found in Gympie. We conferenced with the Local Historian at the Cooloola Shire Library, and she gave us some ideas as to what to include in a Web Page.

The Work

We made a list of the jobs related to the task of making our Web site and our team members chose the tasks that they found interesting. From the list above you can see how we divided the responsibilities, then we went our separate ways and endeavoured to get our application in before the due date. Different members of our team visited the local library, newspaper office, and the Cooloola Shire Council in order to obtain the information needed to complete the task confronting our team the "Sovereigns".


The Finished Product

Well, what can we say? We're proud parents, and we have experienced many sleepless nights, but finally it is finished. As you you may have noticed, our web site is simple and yet effective in teaching you about the illustrious occasion of gold being found in Gympie. This site does not only detail the finding of gold and the Gold Rush Festival, but also information on other celebrations, and some key points in the history of Gympie. We are sure you will find this site very educational and interesting.


What We Learnt

When we started this web site, the majority of the group had no idea on how to develope this creation, Mrs Banks included. We asked each member of the group, just what had they learnt while making this web page.

Michael: That,essentially, you have to work in a team.

David: I learnt about Gympie's history, and how to create a web page.

Carl: That I'm a good supervisor!!

Danny: I learnt what html means (sarcastic)!!

Nyssa: I learnt how to use the internet!!

Jo: I had a great look at what really happened in the mines.

Damien: I was amazed at the depth of Gympie's history.

Shannon: It is a great feeling to see your ideas come into reality.


You can contact us at Webmaster@sovereign.iwarp.com

This site has been produced as an entry into the 1999 Australian Schools Web Challenge by the members listed on this page