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Current Mining Operations

The condititons are stifling.  Humididty hangs at around 90%.  The temperature rarely drops below 38°C. The noise created by the herculean fans required to ventilate the shaft restricts conversation.  I smile and nod as Mick, our guide, explains the intricacies of explosion techniques.  I don't hear a word.

above: Down in the mines, drills are all the go.

It is a tough and harsh job.  And as our historical predecessors have strived to find an explanation for the age-old cliche 'venturing into the unknown', it comes down to three basic motivations: God, Glory and Gold. I'm 600 metres underground.  I could not be a lot further from God. There is no Glory as I traipse, clad in heavy mud-caked boots and  overalls throught the myriad of tunnels.  But there's Gold, and plenty of it.

above: In the mines, this is called a 'rise'.

The gold mining industry is thriving in Gympie. A world class goldfield, the Gympie Gold Field has produced 116 tonnes of gold bullion from hardrock mining. 

Original gold mining in Gympie occurred for 60 years, beginning in 1867 with the initial discovery of gold by James Nash, and continued until 1927.  After leaving the goldfields fallow for over half a century, mining recommenced in 1980.

Gympie Eldorado Gold Mines is owned as to 86% by diversified Devex Limited and 14% by Gold Farmin Pty. Ltd. Production is now centred on the Inglewood Lode and the Monkland Mine. The yields from the various mines range between 12.1 grams per tonne and 23.7 grams per tonne.  Approximately 80 people are employed directly by Gympie Eldorado.